Social entrepreneurship [SE] is quickly becoming a field of intense debate and interest in both academia and SE-sponsoring organizations. Simply put, SE is about creating social value; however the understanding of how the process in creating social value unfolds under SE is very crucial. It allows us not only to better apprehend the social value creation mechanism, but also to truly understand the nature of SE.

It is of second nature to describe social entrepreneurs based on their inherent characteristics while forgetting the importance of the environment that surrounds them. This constant assumption has influenced the understanding of SE.  In addressing this issue, the research focuses on the social network of nascent social entrepreneurs. This provides an opportunity to understand their milieu and the variables that affect the accomplishment of their projects in the short and long-term.
The nascent social entrepreneurs analyzed in this study have different areas of concentration, from health care to education. They are dedicated in promoting peace and sustainability. Some of them within a long term will create significant and measurable social values and others will not. How can we assess those differences? How do we measure social value creation? To clarify these questions this research aims to understand the personal network of nascent social entrepreneurs. Image result for social network analysis and social entrepreneurshipThis personal network, seen as the project network in this study helps us to understand the process of social entrepreneurship.  We examine the demographics of the personal networks and the structural features such as size, density, and cohesion.  We are also interested in how this project network changes from the generation of the idea to the final implementation of the project. Our mixed method approach will allow us to explain the dynamics between the personal network and the implementation or adaptation of the social entrepreneurs’ projects.  

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